Jatuh Cinta Selalu Datang Tiba-tiba, Kenapa Bisa Begitu?
Jatuh Cinta Selalu Datang Tiba-tiba, Kenapa Bisa Begitu?

Falling in love is a gift and we will never be able to choose who we fall in love with and will be loved by others. Falling in love is the most beautiful moment and also potentially painful for someone, because falling in love makes you in a position that goes awry, loses your mind, and is unpredictable. Love can lead you to happiness but it can also lead you to deep anguish. For people who then manage to fight because of love will definitely say that falling in love is the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced in life. On the contrary, for someone who has a broken heart so deeply we will not often hear the statement, "I do not want to fall in love with him, but why should I fall in love and now get sick?" So actually, why the hell did we fall in love?

Love is a chemical reaction that occurs inside the brain

It could happen inside your brain.
It could happen inside y
our brain.

We speak of humans as fully brain-driven organisms, both physical and psychic and the two are inseparable. So the feeling of falling in love arises, as a consequence of the stimulation received by all receptors and then processed together with various experiences and memories so that the production of certain hormones that then cause those feelings to appear just like that. Therefore, there is often the term, "Uneanced then un sayang", or "Love comes from getting used to it." And that's not the wrong thing, because the brain constantly processes and matches data, then then sends a message to the body to implant hormones that work to create a feeling of 'love'.

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